Big Horn Canyon National Recreation Area – Hidden Gem


Kristy recommended I visit this area based on input from some of her friends.  What a hidden gem.  I spent three days and two nights in the area.  The more time you spend here the more the natural beauty “pops” out.  I will be back.

The area straddles the Montana and Wyoming Border.  There are no roads that drive through the area from north to south.  You can access either one end or the other by car.  By water, you can see the whole canyon from start to finish.

I stayed at the southern end of the recreation area.  It has two campgrounds, a marina, and a canyon overlook.  There are two locations to put in watercraft, one at the marina and one at a more remote location called Barry’s Landing.

One campground is close to the marina and the other is near Barry’s landing.  I stayed at the campground near the marina.  The marina area has a little store / restaurant and a beach area for swimming.  The marina store rents out kayaks, paddle boats, etc.  The beach area has a life guard on duty.

To see the canyon from the rim, there is one drive up overlook area.  You can also get to the rim from various hiking trails.  I recommend using the hiking trails.  The roads are great for road cycling.  Minimal traffic with some good climbs.

At the marina, there is a boat tour through the canyon.  It is a 2 hour tour and takes you into the heart of the canyon and back.  Well worth the price.  The captain will take his time looking for wildlife along the way and if he finds any he will idle the area for awhile.

I watched a sunset one night from the start of the color to the end of color.  It took around 2 and a half hours.  Pretty cool.

Some pics:






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