Glacier National Park – Outstanding

Four days and 3 nights in Glacier.  Will be back for a longer stay.  Love this place.  A few more people than my last visit in the mid-8o’s.

The trip from Helena takes you through the Mission Valley.  The Mission Mts guide the way.

Pic of Mission Mts:



Stayed at Hungry Horse Reservoir the first night as reservations were full in Glacier. The next day a picked up a first come first serve campsite at Apgar campground in Glacier.  If you are in the park by 8 in the morning you will snag a campsite somewhere.   A ranger told me that Apgar is the biggest so you  have the best chance there.

The view from myth campsite at Hungry Horse and a fantastic sunset.  Gravel road to campsite of 20 miles but remote and quite.  Good place for a kayak or paddle board:


The first day in Glacier I drove the Going to the Sun Road.  Really busy, with no place to park at he Logan Pass Visitor Center.  Free shuttles are available (stop at a visitor center for info).  I will use the shuttles next time.  They make stops at the trails and other areas of interes.

Pics from the road:







Did a few day hikes.  Liked the Avalance Lake trail.  About 5 miles round trip, trail its in good shape, and not much elevation change.  The trail follows the stream to the lake which is in a cirque and waterfalls feeding into the lake.



Rode my mountain bike on a number of the bike trails around Lake McDonald.  After I was finished, I stopped at the viewing / beach area in Apgar Village.  A lady I talked with worked in the park for a few years and comes back every year since.  She told me that two off duty Rangers were attaked by a grizz on the trail which I just rode.  One did not make it.  I did not think about bear spray for the bike ride.   I will next time.

Skipping stones – ageless





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