Butte Music Festival

Attended the annual Butte Montana Folk Festival.  It is three days of music with performers on multiple stages.  Over the three days, you can pretty much see all of the acts as they perform multiple times each day.

The festival is free (encourage donations) and so is the camping at a number of city parks.

I arrived early on Friday to assure a camping spot.  When I arrived, I quickly became acquainted with the owner (Bob) of the spot next to mine.  I helped put up his shade tent and we had a few brews.  Really interesting gentleman.  He spends part of the year in the continental states and part of the year in the US Virgin Islands.  He was a news reporter, published 3 books, and still writes a weekly column for a Florida paper.

Bob had two friends (Steve and Michelle) who joined us later at the camp site.  He is an artist and she is a pharmacist.   They live in Colorado and are on a couple week mountain biking adventure and possibly some rafting.  Michelle was once a river guide and it still runs through her.

We made a great foursome during the whole weekend.  They were each well traveled , so we had great conversations.  Bob provided a number of tips for van travel.  Steve and and Michelle highlighted a number of great mountain bike trails from their recent travels.

Michelle recommended that I get an inflatable kayak for my travels ( a great idea).  She also recommended a trip through the Baja peninsula.   Hmm.

Picture of my van and Bob’s van at City Park:


A pic of Steve’s van – The Tiger


The standout at the festival was Doreen Ketchens from New Orleans.  She is a clarenet player and singer.  Her music just grabbed me.

The main stage was called the original, named after the original mine in Butte.  It operated for close to 100 years.  It was a terrific venue as the evening wore the red neon lights on the mining structure became brighter, the statue of the Virgin Mary light up on the mountain behind, and on Saturday night a full moon.

Pic of the “Original”:






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